General conditions


Compliance with these Property Rules is a requirement of the vacation rental contract. Failure to comply with the Rules set out below may result in penalties, which include the deduction of the security deposit.


a) All Guests (and Visitors) must comply with all Property Rules and any other instructions given by the Property Manager during their stay;

b) All Guests must be over 25 years of age, except families with children. If a reservation is made under false pretenses in order to avoid this rule, Cool Villas reserves the right to prohibit access or demand immediate departure from the property without any type of compensation or refund of amounts already paid;

c) This is a Self-Catering property. This means that the Guest must do their shopping for groceries and household items, for example, soap, shampoo, detergents, toilet paper, etc.

d) The Guest must use the furniture and equipment in the configuration in which they are located upon arrival.

e) Guests must notify the Property Manager of any disputes or complaints from neighbors as soon as reasonably possible.


a) Our properties are suitable for children of all ages. Guests are fully responsible for the safety of their children at all times, as well as for any disturbances to other residents in the Neighborhood.

b) Guests and Visitors must maintain minimum noise levels, so as not to disturb the occupants of neighboring properties – especially during the night (22:00 – 9:00) and during arrival and departure;

c) Even during the day, Guests and Visitors must keep noise to a maximum of 52 decibels permitted by law. Failure to comply with this requirement and in the event that neighbors call the police, may result in the payment of fines for which the Guests are solely and exclusively responsible.

d) The production of excessive noise is prohibited and may be penalized with termination of the holiday rental contract, eviction, loss of rent paid and payment of an additional fee of €250 which may be deducted from the Security Deposit.


a) Guests are allowed a maximum of 2 Visitors at any time during their stay.

b) Guests must ensure that the maximum number of Guests is not exceeded and that Visitors comply with the Property Rules.

c) Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight.


a) Parties and large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited on the Property.

b) Small gatherings must comply with the rules regarding Noise, Neighborhood and number of Visitors.


a) Bed linen and bath towels are included in the accommodation, however, daily cleaning service is not included in the rate. The service is available at an additional cost. Please contact your Property Manager to schedule service. It is not permitted to remove bed linen or bath towels from the property.

b) Towels are replaced once a week for stays of 6 to 8 nights.

c) Sheets and towels are replaced mid-stay for reservations of 9 to 13 nights.

d) Towels found on the floor will not be replaced.

e) If stains or makeup are detected on the towels, the following amounts will be charged to the security deposit:

     Per Bath Towel – €25.00

     Per Hand Towel – €18.00

     Per Bath Mat – €5.00


a) Guests and their Visitors must remove Trash and Recycling daily and place them in the appropriate trash containers. Excess rubbish should not be placed in public or common areas.

c) On the day of departure, guests must remove rubbish from the Property, otherwise a fee of 30 euros will be charged, to be deducted from the security deposit.


a) Whenever guests are away from the Property, they must ensure that all doors and windows are properly closed/locked, in order to maintain security and prevent the entry of rain and the resulting damage

b) Guests must turn off lights, air conditioning, household appliances such as televisions that are not in use, in order to promote energy savings.

c) In properties with a key safe, Guests are advised to use it to manage the keys. The loss of the house keys requires the complete replacement of the house door lock and this cost will be charged to the guest, deducting the amount of the security deposit.


a) Guests must supervise babies and children whenever they use the balcony.


a) Smoking is not permitted inside the Property. Smoking inside the property will result in a deduction of 150 Euros from the security deposit.

c) Damage caused by cigarette burns will be charged to the Guest for the cost of replacement.


a) Be careful not to sit on furniture or bedding when using these products, as stains are impossible to remove from upholstery. Extra replacement/cleaning fees for furniture or linen will be deducted from the security deposit.

11. PETS

a) Pets are not allowed in the Vacation Rental.

b) Failure to comply with this rule will result in the immediate charge of a €200 security deposit fee.


a) All Damages and Breakages must be reported to the Property Manager as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to report them will likely result in a penalty being deducted from the security deposit.

b) In order to avoid Damage and Breakage, furniture should not be moved from one room to another without prior authorization.

c) Bath towels must not leave the property. Separate beach towels are provided for this purpose.


a) Check-out must be made by 10:00 am. If you intend to leave later, you should always contact the Property Manager to assess availability.

b) Keys must be left at the entrance/dining table or in the key safe.

c) All sheets and towels must remain on the beds.

d) Garbage must be removed from the property.

e) All damages and losses must be reported to the Property Manager. The cost of repair/replacement will be deducted from the security deposit.

f) The security deposit will be returned within 5 days of check-out.


a) A WhatsApp group will be created so that you can be in contact with the Cool Villas team before, during and after your stay.

b) In all properties there is an Information Book with all emergency contacts, information about the property and its equipment, suggestions of what you can see and maps of the area.


a) Violation of any of these Property Rules is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of occupancy as per the Rental Agreement.

The Owner and Manager reserve the right to refuse occupancy and evict from the Property any Guests or Visitors who refuse to comply with these Property Rules or cause a nuisance to neighbors or other residents of the community.